Director/ Vice President- Collateral and Risk Practices Examiner (Energy)

  • Director/ Vice President Level
  • New York City, NY, USA
  • Vollzeit, Festanstellung
  • BNP Paribas
  • 20 Aug 17

Business / Position Overview: Department provides independent information / evaluations with regards to the Commodity Finance Activities of the Bank. Department and its staff interact externally with senior executives of the banks clients, such as CFO’s COO’s Head Traders, Controllers, Treasurer’s, key front office and back office staff, independent inspectors etc. Internally the incumbent will work closely with the banks senior lending officers, senior credit officers and in-house legal counsel.

Conduct Collateral and Risk Management Practice reviews / evaluations of Structured Finance Commodity Clients of the Bank.
1. Assess trading, operational and other risks assumed by existing clients and evaluate the procedures in place by both the client and the bank’s commodity lending and back office areas to monitor and control such risks.
• Conduct interviews with key senior client personnel.
• Evaluate client trading strategies, policies, internal controls, systems and record keeping practices.
• Evaluate client’s overall business practices and identify any potential impact to the bank.
• Evaluate the trading position & Mark to Market reports / data forwarded to the bank by the client for adequacy.
2. Review / evaluate the clients collateral reporting and related record keeping practices to determine that reported collateral exist, is properly valued, and secured by the bank. 
• Ensure all collateral categories, advances rates, contribution limits etc. are in compliance with requirements outlined per the FC-1 presentation, credit committee approval minutes and legal facility / credit agreements.
• Verify / vouch reported asset values to underlying calculations / supporting documentation.
• Utilize independent market price publications to ensure inventory and unrealized MTM amounts are fairly valued.
• Reconcile, as applicable, client reported letter of credit and loan obligations to bank records and determine reason for any differences.

3. Prepare clear and concise written reports and oral presentations, detailing findings, observations and recommendations for improvements, to commodity lending officers, senior credit officers and senior bank executives.
• Conduct verbal detailed debriefing sessions with commodities lending offices and the banks and senior credit officers.
• Prepare and issue a formal report to senior bank executives.

4. Provide special ad hoc analysis and / or personal insight into specific business areas of clients as requested by credit committee, commodity finance lending officers, in-house legal counsel or senior bank executives.
• Assist commodity and legal officers in evaluating client facilities in distress.
• Evaluate competency and integrity of client personnel.
• Prepare extensive analysis of client trading portfolios.

5. Perform due diligence reviews of prospective clients for the Structured Finance Commodities business sections of the bank.
• Conduct interviews with key client personnel.
• Obtain an understanding of the client’s business organization, record keeping practices and internal control environment.
• Evaluate the client’s business / trading strategies and policies.
• Evaluate the client’s ability to comply with the proposed financing agreement with the bank.
• Prepare formal report to business officer, in-house legal counsel and other senior bank executives.

6. Attend and participate in North America Credit Committee meetings.
• Provide insight for clients visited.
• Provide explanation / clarification of trading and or energy industry business practices / strategies.

7. Prepare comprehensive and well organized work paper packages that clearly support work performed and conclusions drawn and are available for various Federal & State Government Agency reviews as well as bank internal auditors.

Required Qualifications:
• 7 -10 years’ work experience within the financial industry
o Background in accounting, audit or financial record keeping coupled with some understanding of commodity business transactions and or trading activity / recordkeeping practices. 
o Experience may include public accounting and or corporate experience.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Industry Experience desired includes energy commodities with order of preference as follows:  crude oil or natural gas, refined products, power (electricity).
• Knowledge of commodity trading and record keeping practices.  Exposure to both physical transactions and derivative instruments such as futures swaps and options.
• Highly confident, self-motivated professional with well-developed sensitivities. Must be detailed oriented yet capable of exercising sound judgement on ‘big picture” perspective.
• Superior interpersonal and communication skills, able to deal firmly, yet tactfully, with strong personalities. Must have unquestionable integrity with the courage of conviction to articulate and defend unpopular positions when appropriate.
• CPA is a plus but not required

FINRA Registrations:
• Not Applicable

Travel: Required, Approximately 20-25% annually; No Weekends; Typical Trip length 3 days 2 nights.