Senior Operations Manager (高级运营经理)

Responsible for developing the overall operational plan of Toumi RA (Robo Advisors Asset Allocation). Toumi RA is China's leading smart financial management platform created by CreditEase; dedicated to provide professional, personalized, low cost, convenient, transparent and low-threshold one-stop global asset allocation service to the Chinese middle class.


1. 根据产品发展策略和目标制定整体的运营方案,完成活动策划、用户数据分析、品牌传播、渠道发展等工作;

2. 负责产品的日常运营,对各种营销推广方法进行评估和调整;

3. 负责渠道拓展与维护,建立良好的合作发展关系;

4. 对数据进行监控和数据分析,及时调整优化现有运营手段;

5. 负责运营团队的管理,完善工作流程和制度规范,关注团队成员的培养和成长,持续提升团队能力,完成预定业绩目标;

6. 参与产品战略方向及目标讨论及制定,向领导提供产品运营的发展建议。









Key responsibilities of the role

1.      According to development strategies and objectives, develop the overall operational plan.

2.      Responsible for the daily operation of product, assessing and adjusting marketing methods.

3.      Responsible for channel development and maintenance, establish healthy cooperative development relationships.

4.  Responsible for data monitoring and analysis. And optimize the existing operation methods by analyzing market, competitors, user experience feedback.

5.   Responsible for the management of operation team, leading team to complete performance targets.

6.   Participate in the discussion of product strategic direction and objectives, and providing senior executives the recommendations of product operation.



1.  Bachelor degree or above.

2.  Over 5 years working experience in internet operations, past experience on fin-tech is preferred.

3.  Deep understanding on internet operations, planning, promotion and publicity. And strong ability on brand operation, marketing management and channel development.

4.  Strong sense of innovation and high sensitivity to data.

5.  Strong ability of logical thinking, communication and adaptability.

6. Strong work ethic and commitment. And with ability to multi task between various responsibilities and able to work to tight deadlines.