Digital Lead Developer and Digital Architect

BNP Paribas offers you an exciting career opportunity in an international, challenging business environment characterized by high pace and diversity with focus on creating valuable relations with our customers. We offer a competitive salary & benefits package and also an excellent work environment where you’re valued as part of our team!

In Asia Pacific, BNP Paribas is one of the best-positioned international financial institutions with an uninterrupted presence since 1860. Currently with over 17,000 employees* and a presence in 13 markets, BNP Paribas provides corporates, institutional and private investors with product and service solutions tailored to their specific needs. It offers a wide range of financial services covering corporate & institutional banking, wealth management, asset management, insurance, as well as retail banking and consumer financing through strategic partnerships.

Worldwide, BNP Paribas has a presence in 73 markets with more than 196,000 employees. It has key positions in its three main activities: Domestic Markets and International Financial Services (whose retail-banking networks and financial services are covered by Retail Banking & Services) and Corporate & Institutional Banking, which serves two client franchises: corporate clients and institutional investors. Asia Pacific is a key strategic region for BNP Paribas and it continues to develop its franchise in the region.

BNP Paribas offers you an exciting career in an international business environment that is fast-paced, diverse and focuses on creating high-value relationships with our clients. We offer competitive salary and benefits, as well as a working environment where you're valued as part of the team.

* excluding partnerships

Position Purpose

The IT Digital team is made up of technologists and experts from the digital world, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

The IT Digital Accelerator is one of the levers for paving the way for CIB's digital transformation, building technology and business value with the organization, while disseminating the skills, best practices and mindset that are the foundations of this transformation.

We are looking for our Lead Digital developer and Digital Architect who will lead the practice of designing, and developing the solutions in relation to specific business problems.
• Matching solutions with the corporate environment
o Design solutions with full integration into our existing Information System. Ideally, we would like to see the solutions developed become a global standards (eg through APIs, uService…)
• Meeting the requirements of the stakeholders
o We expect this team to work very closely with the 'client' (internal and sometimes it could be external) at project inception and through the course of the project.
• Accounting for project constraints
o Technology, risks, scope, cost, quality, time, resources
• Selecting the project technology stack
o Define which platforms, programming languages, and tools will be the most suitable for a particular project/team
• Complying with non-functional requirements
o Analyze all non-functional requirements and ensure that further product engineering will meet them through constant exchange with the 'client' and the other IT Teams.

This person will be in charge of sourcing and managing directly a small team of developers (3 to 5 developers depending on the project portfolio)

In his/her capacity of Digital Architect, we expect that person to train and disseminate within the teams based in HK and Singapore (500+ people) the latest in client minded and efficient organization (Agile/DevOps + Design thinking & UX), efficient coding practice (BDD/TDD, craftsmanship) and continuous integration & Deployment leveraging our internal cloud capacity (Provisionning/deprovisionning, continuous integration & Deployment)

This will involve to work closely with the agile coaches, organize workshops/team-ups and/or lunch & Learns type of events in order to share the knowledge and best practices.

Key Responsibilities

Digital Architect
• Analyzing the technology environment
• Analyzing enterprise specifics
• Analyzing and documenting requirements
• Setting the collaboration framework
• Creating a solution prototype
• Participating in technology selection
• Controlling solution development
• Supporting project management

Full Stack Development
• Contribute to the entire app lifecycle
• Develop functional and fast-responsive applications
• Elaborate mobile-based and web-based features
• Troubleshoot apps for bugs
• Fix bugs if necessary and improve usability
• Improve apps for maximum speed
• Troubleshoot UI and improve its performance accordingly
• Employ the latest technology in order to re-built legacy apps
• Integrate UI elements with server-side ones
• Detect and fulfill front-end and back-end requirements
• Perform training and support activities
• Develop reusable code
• Collaborate with developers, designers, sys admins, and customers. Write comprehensive manuals, guides, and documents
• Compile prototype and quality mockups
• Make sure that high-quality graphic standards are met
• Stay consistent with company brand

Competencies (Technical / Behavioral)

Technical background and experience

To provide management and engineering teams with technical advice, the digital architect/full stack dev must have a technical background with at least eight years of work experience in one or more IT areas including but not limited to:
• IT architecture, infrastructure, and cloud development
• Engineering and software architecture design
• Big Data
• Micro services
• DevOps
• Project and product management
• Understanding of Agile and Design thinking/DevOps
• Ability to design and build complex systems from scratch
• Extensive development experience on open source software
• Experience developing for cloud hosted software and applications on Google / Amazon / Microsoft / IBM
• Exposure to android or Ios development a plus
• Knowledge of basic encryption decryption algorithms

Excellent communication skills

A vital part of the digital architect's competence is communication. Considering that this role entails negotiating with stakeholders, understanding the needs of all parties, managing risks, and product delivery, the lack of communication skills can create a real bottleneck.
The position requires working closely with enterprise and software architects, business analysts, and project teams in the region as well as the global teams. The solution architect must be able to listen, advise, empathize, and explain. This person could be asked to initiate and manage communities of digital experts

Deep analytical skills

Designing a solution requires understanding how different parts of the business work together. The architect must recognize the corporate strategy and realize all business processes that define how a company achieves its strategic goals. But, the architect must also understand tech specifics. As a result, the solution architect constantly deals with analytical work and move between various business layers.
• Problem-solving ability

Project and resource management skills

While the digital architect doesn't directly gets involved in project management, accounting for deadlines and given resources is inevitable.
The digital architect must be able to make decisions about which solutions are advantageous and which are worthless in the particular situation. The person must be focused on business results and understand how to achieve them according to the given timeframes and resources.
• Time management and analytical skills
• Ability to perform several tasks at the same time
• Ability to translate requirements into a finished project

Specific Qualifications Required

• Scrum master & Agile/DevOps fluency
• Deep Java Knowledge
• Integration - REST APIs (apigee), JDBC, SQL, JMX
• Web Application design and development - HTML5 / CSS3/jQuery
• Strong knowledge of UNIX and/or UNIX like operating systems.
• Perl, Python, Ruby
• Knowledge of systems monitoring tools
• Experience with messaging technologies,
• Interest in or experience with machine learning/data science.
• Database technologies like Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.
• Web server technologies like Node.js, J2EE, Apache, Nginx, ISS, etc.
• Experience with tools such as Jenkins, JIRA, CVS, mercurial, chef, Puppet, GitHub, Nexus etc applicable to CI/CD, build and configuration management
• Experience in containerization using Docker, Java applications configuration and maintenance
• Experience in configuring NGINX, HAProxy, Apache, IIS, Node, Tomcat, Proxy etc.
• Experience in Configuration Management tools such as Chef or Ansible for configuration Management.
• Experience in any automation tools like SaltStack, Ansible, Chef, Puppet
• Experience with GIT / BitBucket
• Exposure to development and build tools like Eclipse, Jenkins, Maven, ANT, AWS,API, AWS CLI and PowerShell
• Exposure and knowledge of administering any of - MongoDB /Redis / Cassandra DB / MariaDB
• Exposure to infrastructure, application and log monitoring tools such as Splunk / Log Stash

• Proven history of generating innovative and effective solutions
• Excellent interpersonal communication skills to explain complex technical topics in an easily digestible manner
• Willingness to work independently and as part of a team
• Previous project management experience is preferred