Associate, UX Designer - Digital Banking, Consumer Banking Group Associate, UX Designer - Digital Banking, Consumer  …

DBS Bank Limited
in Singapur
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DBS Bank Limited
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Associate, UX Designer - Digital Banking, Consumer Banking Group
Business Function
As the leading bank in Asia, DBS Consumer Banking Group is in a unique position to help our customers realise their dreams and ambitions. As a market leader in the consumer banking business, DBS has a full spectrum of products and services, including deposits, investments, insurance, mortgages, credit cards and personal loans, to help our customers realise their dreams and aspirations at every life stage. Our financial solutions are not only the best in the business - they were made just right for you.
What you'll be doing

• You'll spend time with our wonderful research team. Together you'll try to understand the business goals of your project and, more often than not, meet the stakeholders to redefine the problem statement.
• Once you know where you're going, it's time to tackle the behemoth tech systems and legal restrictions of a bank. Your product manager will become your best friend. You'll message the tech lead more than your parents. You'll get a crash course in finance law.
• We do respect the privacy of people with headphones-on, trying to avoid eye contact. So you'll have the time to actually produce work you're proud of.
• We want to hire people who have opinions, believe in their ideas and are willing to fight for them. But we also want people who can recognise when a better argument or solution is put before them. All of us participate in user testing, and so will you.
• Like we said, producing good work is not good enough if it doesn't get built. We love you, Dribble/Behance. It's not you, it's us. You will meet stakeholders from different departments and articulate your ideas so clearly that you'll become an honorary Toastmaster.
• To prepare for those meetings you'll need to check the latest relevant data.
• Before you know it, it will be Friday and time for team dinner, drinks or Creative Day (we do something fun and creative together once a month).

• You can brainstorm the next big thing one moment and still tweak pixels right before launch.
• You have the ability to prioritise (you don't focus on illustrations if the UX looks like a love child between Frankenstein and Krusty the Clown).
• You work smart and are ready to improve processes.
• You have enough curiosity to stay savvy about industry and UX trends.
• You have confidence in your ideas and the ability to communicate them clearly.
• You follow through - when built, your designs actually look and work like they should. You monitor products after launch and are ready to suggest improvements.

Bonus points
• You actively contribute to the UX community.
• You're kind of a behavioural science geek.
• You have personal pet projects you work on for fun in your free time.
• You have worked in the fintech industry or banking.

Your team and career
• You will be part of the Deposits and Loans team.
• You will report to the CASA and Deposits design lead.
• You will have support from our research team.
• As your career progresses, you will have opportunities to apply for a role in one of our other product teams.
• We like to promote internally and support designers who want to work towards more senior roles.

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We offer a competitive salary and benefits package and the professional advantages of a dynamic environment that supports your development and recognises your achievements.
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