UX Design Community of Practice Lead

About the UX Engineering Community of Practice:

The objective is to create the fundamental UX Engineering capability blocks that empower our business leaders achieve better outcomes for our customers and stakeholders. The community plays the role of an active change and transformation agent by bringing people together from across the organisation to solve challenges, share expertise and contribute to the common fabric and learnings. It is responsible for bringing external perspectives and developing guidelines while building tangible UX-driven commercial solutions.

About our UX Engineers:

UX Engineers belong to our broader Engineering community, and they collaborate across our Design System, Design Studio and Imagine space where we strive to innovate and build effortless user experiences.

UX Engineers are deployed to Feature Teams where they are therefore accountable for the experience (user and technical) of the product / service development. They'll act as the lead to co-ordinate, facilitate and design research sessions with users - and share that learning with the team.

It is critical that UX Engineers develop a deep understand of the underlying technology and its constraints, so that potential experiences can be validated continuously against technical feasibility. This knowledge also works the other way; a solid understanding of the available tech components that can unlock new and novel experiences for the customer - e.g. AI, chat bots, conversation UI.

This is a significant position for a current talented UX Designer or UI Designer that possesses strong user experience skills, aesthetic sensitivity, technical know-how and leadership skills.

Our multidisciplinary UX Engineering team needs to have individuals who can bridge design, research, and strategy, who are passionate about quality, usability, and performance.

Purpose statements:

The UX Engineering Community of Practice Lead identifies interventions from a range of experiments that embrace new ways of working and have a potential significant high impact in terms of stakeholders and internal capability uplift. This time-bound experimentation approach aims to create tangible solutions for a business problem and to change our people's mindsets in order to drive adoption of the new 'how'. The Chief Digital Office will champion said interventions to showcase the template of this could be done.

Therefore, the UX Engineering Community of Practice Lead:

* Is a specialist with very deep knowledge

* Uses this knowledge and works with related disciplines to keep multiple teams working effectively

* Develops internal capability by facilitating internal mobility, shaping career paths, recruiting talent and making sure all UX Engineering teams are collaborating effectively

* Identifies, tests and champions the adoption of emerging technologies

* Oversees the community of UX Engineers to ensure outcomes are delivered and implemented to a consistently high quality

* Takes responsibility for coaching and guiding others at different levels in their career

Knowledge and Experience required:

* Strong understanding and application of the most appropriate modern standards, practices and tools [for digital wireframing, design, and prototyping] in order to advise on the right way to apply these while ensuring compliance; the candidate should therefore have a proven track record in:

o Leading the design phase on projects from the initial identification of user frustration through to problem solving and solution design

o Leading and running Design Sprints

o Contributing to planning and estimation sessions and retrospectives

o Defining the user model and user interface features

o Developing high-level and/or detailed storyboards, mock-ups, and prototypes to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas

o Gauging the usability of new and existing products and making constructive suggestions for change

o Overseeing the design of solutions for multiple form factors (such as desktop and mobile devices)

o Designing for web-based technologies (i.e. HTML, CSS and Javascript) as well as associated W3C standards for accessibility

o Using design and prototyping tools such as Sketch, InVision, Proto.io or "In-Browser" prototyping

o Eliciting User needs and collaborative user engagement techniques such as observation and interviewing etc.

o Overseeing the design of assets such as using Personas, User Stories

o Applying Lean UX, Guerilla usability testing or similar techniques

o Testing assumptions with quantitative and qualitative techniques and iterating accordingly

* Experience in providing advice to stakeholders and setting community, and team-based standards for UX Engineering tools and techniques

* Proven track record in identifying, justifying and subsequently solving challenging or complex usability, information architecture, and user-flow problems

Personal attribute/skills:

* Communicates effectively in order to facilitate working meetings, using techniques such as active listening and negotiation. Tailor communication style to suit both face-to-face and virtual settings including web meetings and conference calls.

* Works with teams to ensure they have a complete understanding of the technical requirements relating to each user need

* Thinks differently, to collaborate and build new products that will transform the experience we deliver.

* Self-manages, taking on complex tasks and transforming them into intuitive, accessible and easy-to-use designs for millions of people -from the first-time user to the sophisticated expert.

* Passionate and able to remain positive in leading a newly formed team in an organisation that is still adapting to new ways of thinking