Deutsche Bank's guide to summer vacations during COVID-19

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Deutsche Bank's guide to summer vacations during COVID-19

Like most other banks, Deutsche Bank is encouraging its people to take holidays this summer. However, DB has also suggested that its German employees at least be mindful of the fact that summer vacations may be compromised by travel restrictions and post-travel quarantine rules.

Helpfully, therefore, Jim Reid, Deutsche's head of global fundamental credit strategy, has just produced some research that offers a steer on the best places to go when you want to get away from your rona rig and feel the sand beneath your toes, or not.

If you fancy going somewhere that has comparatively few virus restrictions once you arrive, Reid suggests New Zealand*, Japan or Finland. Travel restrictions and virus measures in these countries are especially lenient. By comparison, on the off-chance that you were minded to go to Libya, Russia or Venezuela, this is even less of an option than before.

Source: Deutsche Bank

When planning your break, you might also want to consider your chances of getting the virus while you're getting some R&R. On this basis, Reid says that New Zealand* again looks appealing, but so too do Spain, Italy and Southern Ireland. 

Source: Deutsche Bank

Similarly, if you want to go somewhere with minimal deaths, and where (by implication) hospitals are not overwhelmed, Spain, Ireland and New Zealand* look good. So do China, Mongolia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Source: Deutsche Bank

On balance, Reid says you should probably consider going on holiday in Europe this year. European economies are open for travel and the virus is currently under control. "We highly recommend visiting Cyprus, Portugal, and Spain," he writes, noting too that "going on holiday during the corona crisis remains a challenge." For the long distance traveller there's always New Zealand*. Wherever you're based, Miami Beach is probably a bad idea.

*A New Zealand citizen has helpfully pointed out that New Zealand is not letting anyone in unless they happen to be New Zealand citizens, partners or dependent children of New Zealand citizens, critical health workers, or involved in critical humanitarian travel. Many bankers on holiday will presumably not fit this critera. 

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